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Rep Life! Episode 5

January 3, 2009

In Episode 5 things are really moving! 2 Much Soul is gaining a lot of recognition from some great people. Street Kidd is ready to release the tape with the SECRET special offer for everyone on his mailing list. And finally, the screenplay is attracting interest from a few private investors who will hopefully jump on board. Its going to be a great year!


Rep Life! Episode 3

December 16, 2008

In episode 3, I start work on two more projects making my already busy days EVEN busier. Not complaining though because I’m working with some great people. Street Kidd finishes his mixtape, 2MS start the Wanna Be A Star show, I meet with Kevin O’ Day and I find a partner to help me sell a feature film.


Episode 2: Maintain Relationships

December 9, 2008


In this episode I’m confronted about handing management to someone else for 2 Much Soul, I thank Duquaye Williams for the opportunity to be on his show, I check in all my clients to make sure I am on top of things and I get some face time with Street Kidd to hammer out some details regarding my going away for the holidays.

As always, I am open to any feedback and suggestions or life lessons you may have for me. Thanks and keep watching


Episode 1: Intro

December 5, 2008